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Tax Calculators

A simple tax calculator is available to help you calculate the tax on your taxable income.

The Comprehensive tax calculator also takes into account Medicare levy, higher education loan scheme repayments, tax offsets and tax credits to give you an estimate of the amount of your tax refund or debt.

Tax deducted from my pay

If you want to know how much your employer (or other payer) is required to withhold from payments to you, use the Tax withheld calculator .

Helpful Resource:

Deceased estate and capital gains tax

Explains the special rules that apply to the calculation of any capital gain or capital loss made from a deceased estate.

Gifts of shares valued $5,000 or less

This fact sheet discusses gifts of listed shares valued at $5,000 or less that you acquired 12 months or more before donating them and whether you can claim tax deductions for this type of gift.

Inheriting a dwelling

If you inherit a dwelling, or part-ownership of a dwelling, from a deceased person, and later dispose of it, you need to be aware of the capital gains tax rules which may apply.

Subdividing and amalgamating land

If you subdivide or amalgamate parcels of land which you may later sell, you need to be aware of the capital gains tax implications.

Tax smart investing: what Australian property investors need to know

Tips to help you be a tax-smart property investor. (NAT 12917-06.2010)

Tax smart investing: what share investors need to know

Tips to help you be a tax-smart share investor. (NAT 14125-03.2012)

Transferring real estate to family or friends

Explains the capital gains tax implications of transferring real estate to your family or friends.

Treating a dwelling as your main residence after you move out

In some situations, you can choose to have a dwelling treated as your main residence (your home) for capital gains tax purposes, even though you no longer live in it.

Treating land as your main residence

Your main residence (your home) is generally exempt from capital gains tax. If you build a dwelling on land you already own, the land does not qualify for exemption until the dwelling becomes your main residence.

Using your home to produce income

Your home is generally exempt from capital gains tax. However, if you used it, or part of it, to produce income it may not be fully exempt. Income can include rent or the proceeds of a business.

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